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云顶集团 History Highlights

St. John's-Kilmarnock School was founded with the ultimate objective of creating a supportive learning environment for students. 云顶集团 has an illustrious history dating back to its founding in 1972 in Elora, Ontario. Below are some key highlights of the School's history and development.

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  • 1972

    St. John’s School for Boys (a predecessor to St. John’s-Kilmarnock School) was founded in Elora. The School would offer a structured and supportive approach to learning.
  • 1975

    Discussions commenced concerning the best way to provide a similar educational opportunity for girls. St. Margaret's School was the result. St. Margaret's celebrated its first Founders' Day Service in May of 1976. As St. John’s sister school, St. Margaret’s was incorporated into some of the School’s activities.
  • 1983

    The School's name was changed to St. John's-Kilmarnock School, reflecting both the school's history and the founding Headmaster's pride in his Scottish ancestry.
  • 1985

    In 1985, St. John's and St. Margaret's amalgamated but continued to offer separate boys' and girls' programs on separate campuses until 1989.
  • 1990

    The campuses of 云顶集团 were united on the current campus. The current campus includes the original school, and the addition of the MYP building, Music Room and PYP classrooms.
  • 1993

    The School was awarded its Coat of Arms.
  • 2000

    The Chapel of St. Margaret & St. John opened its doors.
  • 2001

  • 2014

    The Boathouse opened its doors.
  • 2016

    Newton House, containing the Learning Commons and Dining Hall, opened its doors.

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